What's new in Python3.7

Bhavani Ravi (~bhavaniravi)




In this talk, we will deep dive into features of Python3.7

  1. breakpoint()
  2. Data Classes
  3. Customization of Module Attributes
  4. Typing
  5. Enhancements Timing Precision
  6. Order of Dictionaries
  7. “async” and “await” Are Keywords
  8. “asyncio” Face Lift
  9. Context Variables
  10. importlib.resources
  11. Developer Tricks Optimizations
  12. So, Should I Upgrade?


Core python and its internals

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Python 3.7 Release notes

Speaker Info:

Bhavani Ravi - Software Engineer - Orangescape

Tech Enthusiast - Django & Chatbot specialist

Mentor/Speaker Build2learn, Chennai Geeks.

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Section: Core python and Standard library
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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