What you need to know about data classes in Python 3.7

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)




Data classes have been introduced in Python 3.7 (Refer to PEP 557 -- Data Classes). This talk is to introduce data classes to the audience. Talk about why data classes and how they are different from other alternatives like named tuples, etc


Knowlede of Object Oriented Programming with Python

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I am a mechanical engineering graduate with 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and financial services domains, I have started my career as design engineer in hydraulic turbine manufacturing company. After spending 5 years, I have stated my IT journey at Aspect Development/i2 Technology. I have worked primarily on data scrubbing, modelling, analysis and data migration projects for supply chain management. I then joined technology services side of Fidelity, financial services company. I have been using python for last 6+ years for automation, data analysis, web development, etc. I am very excited about the endless opportunities that arise in day today work and application of python for solving problems, automating day to day activities. I am very passionate about teaching python to engineering students thru pythonexpress program. I conduct regular training sessions for data analys ( numpy, pandas and matplotlib) in my company. I have done this workshop at couple of times at Bangalore Python meetup (BangPyPers) and also I have done this workshop at Pycon 2017 Delhi

I have done a talk "How import works in Python" at Pycon 2017 Delhi

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github link - https://github.com/sdonapar linkedin profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sasidonaparthi twitter handle - @sdonapar

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