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This is a simple talk about web scraping using python.In this lecture we going to have a clear picture of webscraping. By the end of the lecture audience are going to have a clear picture of What is web scraping? What is the use of it? What are the useful libraries in python for web scraping? Pros and cons of the libraries And mainly how to parse the Websites with practical examples.


A little amount of python knowledge is useful but not mandatory. I'm going to explain right from the very beginning

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I am a student of Vishnu Institute of technology, Bhimavaram. I am studying 2nd IT. I was fallen in love with coding when I listened to the 1st lecture of my academic about C programming. That day changed my life. I have been working on python from January 2018. I am a quick learner, self disciplined, self motivated guy. My hobbies are coding and learning new things

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