Web UI automation using Selenium





Why attend this session?

Do you spend too much time manually testing your user interfaces? Automation is the answer. Python and Selenium offer a simple but powerful framework to script any testing. In this talk, I will show you how to use the combination of Selenium WebDriver and Python code to automate web UI tests. Follow along and learn how to locate elements, navigate pages, test user interactions with forms and drag-and-drop elements, and use waits to control test timing and execution. The lessons are practical and can be immediately applied to your development workflow.

Session outline

  • What is automated testing?
  • Python-Selenium bindings
  • Parsing the HTML DOM structure
  • Locating elements in the HTML DOM
  • Navigating and interacting with pages
  • Explicit and implicit waits

Key take-aways

  • The importance and need for test automation
  • How to locate elements in your web browser
  • Interact with your web UI through automation scripts


  1. Python basics
  2. HTML basics

Speaker Info:

Bhoomika Agarwal is a developer associate at SAP Labs India. She works in the field of cloud development, machine learning and open source technologies at SAP Labs. Prior to this, she has worked in Sprinklr and completed her graduation in Computer Science from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. She has done research in Big Data, Quantum Computing, Linear Algebra and Brain Computer Interface. She has published research papers and given presentations at numerous conferences about these topics. She has published tutorial courses online on Unacamedy and Lynda to disseminate the knowledge she has acquired over the years with experience.

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