We are building dystopia using AI & ML

Viral Parmar (~Veerskyfire)




Topic is about how AI and ML are building dystopia for us. The big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon who are in business of capturing-selling data & our attention to advertisers, gathering our data, harvesting it and use against us to manipulate us & control us. How Social media Ads influence us using its persuasion architecture. Will explain how AI prediction is a threat to our freedom with Case study of smart health care.


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Founder of Infinite Defense Foundation (NPO), Reps at Mozilla Foundation. Initiator of “LogOut”- World’s Biggest Cyber Awareness Campaign. 3+ years of experience in Information security & Cyber Crime Investigation. Expert in Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Forensics, Public Key Infrastructure, Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. Found sever vulnerability in more than 50 websites like YourStory, Intel and etc. Solved more than 40 cases of cyber-crime and online frauds. Trained 50,000+ people till now and aware them about privacy and security. Given Seminars and workshops in 100+ Organizations.

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Website/Blog https://www.viralparmarhacker.com

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/viral-parmar-8402a04a/

Twitter https://twitter.com/viralparmarhack

GitHub https://github.com/Veerskyfire/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/viralparmarhacker

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