Using Jupyter to Empower the Less Technical

Marc Udoff (~mlucool)




Less technical people are often afraid of terminal and command line utilities but are happy to enter the same data on a website. What if Jupyter Notebook could provide cheap, human-friendly UIs for everyone?

Less technical people are happy to interact with graphs and tables, but even with Jupyter Notebook, they are anxious to run cells.

In this talk we will first go over how an enterprise setup and a few Jupyter modifications can enable a different approach to notebooks that is more in line with Jupyter Hub ideologies. This includes topics like a notebook server per person and kerberization.

Next, we will discuss the range of approaches we use to get users to use Jupyter-powered code. Our least technical users happily use NBViewer, while the more technical non-programmers will use Juptyer Dashboard. To aid those afraid of things like a command line, we wrote an optparse-to-widget framework and at times leverage Jupyter Services. Finally we’ll talk about freeing the output from Jupyter so that developers can use Jupyter as their environment of choice and the output can “live” anywhere.

The goal of this talk is to get you thinking about how to use Jupyter to enable rapid-development and low-cost solutions to empower those without technical know-how in constrained environments.


Familiarly with Jupyter Notebook

Speaker Info:

Marc Udoff: I am a developer for the JavaScript team at the D. E. Shaw group. One of our core principles is that users come first; we are hyper focused on improving the user experience for developers, technical users, and non-technical users of everything from intranet sites to the interactive python environment. We aim to delight.

Sriram Nagarajan: I am a technical, product, and people manager in various capacities for various projects at D. E. Shaw India Private Limited. I am involved in building tools that make websites fast and fun to build. I also work on the python integration for our web products – delivering the web capabilities we’ve built to a wider audience via the awesome Python and Jupyter ecosystem.

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