Using Firefox like a Boss - Privacy Settings

Ankit Gadgil (~anknite)




We as programmers often do not give a lot of thought/importance to our online privacy while using the web.

This session/talk will be useful for programmers to guard their online privacy.

Consider a programmer using google search engine to search for errors or using stack overflow to find answers to fix a broken python dependency. All of it is stored and profiled against the online identity of the programmer. This data can then be used to sell ads which as we all feel are annoying. This session/talk will help everyone (who uses the web) learn the best practices of anti-tracking, ads blocking, anti-profiling clean browsing environments.

We as programmers might be using the same browser for professional and personal work/browsing causing mix-match of data and annoying ads popping up during work sessions. This session/talk will help such [HTML_REMOVED] programmers keep it all separate via firefox profiles, just like clean python virtual environments :)

What will happen during the session?

  • Introduction to Firefox and Icebreaker - 3 mins
  • Customize Firefox, Profiles, and Preferences - 10 mins
  • How you can change Firefox configs to have a more customized and private experience - 10 mins
  • How to block trackers on the web - 10 mins
  • Best Privacy extensions - 5 mins
  • Use of privacy respecting search engines - 5 mins
  • QA - 7 mins

This session/talk is for anyone and everyone who uses the web.


  • A couple of screens/monitors or a projector at the session will help participants hack, make, learn and share with other participants.
  • Sticky notes
  • Sharpies
  • Optional firefox installed on computers or phones of participants.
  • Open mind

Content URLs:

if possible download Firefox: on your computer and/or phone.

Speaker Info:

Ankit Gadgil is an open source and open web advocate who believes the web should be equally accessible to all for equal opportunity.

He strongly supports data privacy. Ankit works for Red Hat as a senior software engineer and enjoys working with python, Js, algorithms, and architecture. He usually contributes to open source projects like Mozilla, MediaWiki, Wordpress. He has also served as a member of the Mozilla Reps Council.

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Twitter: @anknite

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