Understanding Django middleware stack with a live demo

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Django, as we all know, is an excellent framework for building high stable, scalable, extensible web apps. Django framework operates around middlewares. Do we really understand how a middleware works? What happens when the request comes in and response goes out? Which middleware is used for what purposes? Why is the order of middleware stack important? How can we implement a custom middleware? Benefits and complications of implementing custom middlewares

My talk will cover all the above questions along with a live demo of a profiling middleware (customizable-django-profiler) which is used to track down the function calls associated with an API call taking more time for execution.

Contents of the talk:

  • Introduction: Introduction to middleware.
  • Middleware architecture: I will talk about the middleware architectural design. It’s basics and various use cases
  • Implementation of middleware in Django: Explain how the request-response cycle works along with targeting above mentioned questions on the go.
  • Live demo: I will demo the development of a simple custom middleware which can be used for profiling requests.
  • Conclusion: Possible use cases for Django middlewares.
  • Q & A session: Questions and answers session.

In the end, the audience will have an understanding of Django middleware stack, middleware architecture, request-response cycle in Django and will be able to develop their own middleware for Django from scratch.


Basics of Python and Django

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I am recently graduated from IIT Roorkee. I have been working on web applications (especially Django for more than 3 years now). Selected for Google Summer of Code this year and working with Global Alliance for Genomics and Health on Reference Sequence Retrieval API. My areas of interest are Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology.

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