Tricks and tips for using numpy and pandas(Some standard libraries)

prabhleen bindra (~prabhleen)




Many people are moving towards machine learning and artificial intelligence in python without even knowing the basics of the language.

In the talk I will focus on the advantage of numpy and pandas over traditional python approach and why we favour them over built in data types in python. The talk will aim to cover the following comparisons:

  1. Preferring numpy over traditional lists in regard to the following concepts:

a).Memory management and space utilization

b).Time management

c). Complexity of performing simple tasks.

  1. Basic functions of numpy for summary statistics and their advantage in reduction of code complexity.

  2. Series and dataframe in python using pandas and its use for dealing with heterogeneous data types.

  3. Subsetting and indexing in pandas and numpy.

By the end of the talk, attendees will be familiar and comfortable with using standard libraries like pandas and numpy over the traditional programming techniques used in python.



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I am Prabhleen Kaur Bindra, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering, from government college of engineering, Aurangabad. I moved towards python from the last 2 months as I developed my interest towards artificial intelligence especially machine learning. I am a novice to the python environment and do not know much details of it though. I would like to share my experience of python.

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