Tracing HTTP request latency using Jaeger with Python

Vivek Sridhar (~vivek861)




Distributed tracing is a technique for monitoring & profiling systems built on microservices architecture. Distributed tracing is quickly becoming a must-have component in the tools that organisations use to monitor their complex, microservice-based architecture. Jaeger is an open source tool and part of CNCF project released and worked by Uber.


Introduction to Microservices Distributed Tracing & OpenTracing standards Using Jaeger to monitor microservices-based distributed systems covering:

 - Distributed context propagation
 - Distributed transaction monitoring
 - Root cases analysis
 - Service dependency analysis
 - Performance / Latency optimization

Implementing Tracing with python library live and transforming existing code to traceable code. Demo Jaeger with an (python code) example from a monitoring perspective (specific to solve latency issue). Demo of tracing to collect application metrics.

And more.


Knowledge of Python and application development.

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Vivek is a tech enthusiast with over 11 years experience in the Software Industry. He is currently working as a Developer Advocate with DigitalOcean and has been a Technology Advisor to several tech startups. Previously he was Head of DevOps & QA at Blackbuck and was a DevOps Solution Architect at HCL (Australia) in client engagement and pre-sales roles. Vivek started his career with IBM Rational (INDIA Software Labs) and is passionate about working with software developer communities.

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