Tox - Python testing wrapper

Vamsi (~code-R)





Tox is a generic virtualenv management and test command line tool you can use for:

  • checking your package installs correctly with different Python versions and interpreters
  • running your tests in each of the environments, configuring your test tool of choice
  • acting as a frontend to Continuous Integration servers, greatly reducing boilerplate and merging CI and shell-based testing.


In this talk we will see what is tox and how we can use it to test our application using different python versions or different Django versions etc., we will see how tox help us in reducing the boilerplate code when integrating with jenkins/travis


  1. Introduction to tox (3 min)
  2. Diving into tox (how tox works) (5 min)
  3. Writing a basic tox configuration - tox.ini (3 min)
  4. See how OpenStack leverages tox with Jenkins (4 mins)
  5. Some use cases with tox ex: bandit, pep8 (3 mins)
  6. Demo (5 mins)


Basic understanding or virtual environments and unit testing using python.

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