Through Python to the Stars! - Orbital Mechanics Made Easy and Open-Source

Shreyas Bapat (~shreyasbapat)




Orbital Mechanics/Astrodynamics is one of the most difficult things to understand and take care of! For this simple reason it is called "Rocket Science". poliastro is a python package intended to make Astrodynamics Open Source, and easy to understand and visualise. Through the talk, various modules of the poliastro package will be introduced. I will show how we can solve very complex Orbital Mechanics problem in 2 minutes that takes years for a scientist to solve manually! The talk will cover some parts of AstroPy, numba and a bunch of plotting libraries such as matplotlib and plotly.


Basic introduction to plotly, matplotlib. Knowledge of some core packages like numpy, etc is beneficial. Knowledge of some of the core Astronomy libraries such as AstroPy is also beneficial.

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I am Shreyas Bapat, half "Electrical Engineer" and a passionate developer. I study at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi and constantly contribute to open-source projects. I have contributed to some projects like plotly, dash, poliastro and astroquery. I like Astronomy and related fields a lot and hence keep searching for projects related to that. Also, I am into Deep Learning from quite a time and love tweaking Neural Networks to get amazing results. I am the co-ordinator and maintainer at STAC-IITMandi. I have mentored the Astronomy Code Camp organised by Nehru Planetarium and Astronomical Society of India.

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