The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Django 2

Kurian Benoy (~kurianbenoy)




Django is one of the most used Python framework in the world of Python and is even used more than Tensorflow(Stack Overflow 2018 Developer Survey). Django is an excellent web-application framework to build scalable, extensible and high-performance web applications that can serve hundreds of thousands of requests per second -- while keeping the development cycle optimal and maintaining the sanity of developer mind-space. The latest version of Django 2.0 has been just released this year.

The new Django 2.0 begins a new era without any backward incompatible changes except the removal of Python2.7 in the latest version and it aims to completely remove Python2 support for Django environment when LTS Django 1.11 expires in 2020 with Python2. This release also starts the Django using the loose form of semantic versioning.

Django 2 has introduced a lot of major changes like :

  • SImplified URL routing syntax
  • Performance optimisation and improvements
  • Mobile Friendly Admin site
  • Newer functions like Windows and more modified aggregate functions -Stricter schema
  • Made Mysql isolation as read committed

Talk Outlines

  1. What is Django and why use Django?

  2. Django design patterns - MTV kind of MVC

  3. How does Django work?

  4. Simplified URL routing syntax in Django2

  5. Other new features in Django2

  6. When should you move your old project to Django2 and Django release Cycle

  7. Tips on converting your legacy code to Django2

This talk aims to provide some general insights on Django and latest Django2 version. Apart from being a talk focussed exclusively on Django, the talk aims to give an introduction to what server-side programming is and in general to Web Development.


  • Python
  • Django (preferable)

After all, this is a Hitchhiker’s guide, this talk will focus on a general introduction to Django and don’t be afraid all the noobs in Python and Django will be welcomed and be accommodated in this talk

Speaker Info:

Kurian is currently in his sophomore year, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi. He has interned in multiple startups like, WiM as a product intern developing products using Python and web frameworks like Django.

He is also a Open source Enthusiast and have contributed to multiple organisation like Zulip , FOSS Asia. He is an active member of FOSS club in his college(FOSSMEC) and of Kochi Python Club(Python Meetup Group of Kerala).

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