The Growth of the Python Community in Africa and How Zimbabwe is Building One of the Biggest Artificial Intelligence Labs in the World

Marlene Mhangami (~marlene)




I will be discussing how the use of Python in Africa has grown significantly since 2010 and how, as a result new innovation centers like the High Performance Center in Zimbabwe are beginning to build an industry using it.


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Marlene Mhangami is the first African to have been voted onto the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation, the group organization behind the popular computer programming language Python. She is the Chair of PyCon Africa and heads up the Google's Women Techmakers Harare. Marlene is also the co-founder of ZimboPy an organization getting Zimbabwean girls excited about code. The organization has been working with girls around Harare to teach them Python programming and is excited about their progress. They also frequently host mentorship weeks and learning programs with local Universities including HIT, the UZ and CUT.

Finally, Marlene is also the co-founder of the Purple Lipstick Trust a Zimbabwean non-profit organization that empowers young women to achieve their goals. The organization creates social media content and events that help girls make the best decisions about their lives. She is excited about seeing technology and science used for social good. Marlene is interested in advocating for, and seeing software developer communities grow to create the best environments for innovation to happen! Minority representation in tech spaces is also something she is passionate about and hopes to be part of increasing.

Speaker Links: twitter: @marlene_zw or @zimbopy

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