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The rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses fundamental challenges for the creative industry. Although AI technologies are being adopted at an ever faster pace, Design as an academic discipline has so far failed to provide a convincing answer to the opportunities and challenges of AI. As the number of interfaces between humans and information multiplies, so do the amount of design frameworks that are required to support this technology.

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s easy to focus on technological aspects. You can talk about different platforms or discuss which IoT solution might be the best to solve a specific problem. Looking below this layer of technology, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many more aspects that determine the success of the IoT. Not the least of which is the matter of how today’s connected products are designed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was designed initially to replace highly repetitive, manual work, has exceeded expectations to complete tasks involving emotional creativity. A limiting factor of IoT is it adds devices and buttons which makes your life more complicated. Now with AI, you’re able to say things like ‘turn on the lights’ instead of pushing buttons, and it makes life simpler. It is the AI layer of natural language processing that helps IoT improve our lives.

In tapping into technology’s potential, it’s important to remember the end user — us humans. But as more and more experiences are built with ML, it’s clear that UXers still have a lot to learn about how to make users feel in control of the technology, and not the other way round. How do we create experiences that are user friendly and human-centric, while taking advantage of technology?

This talk will discuss some of the guidelines focusing on human-centered approach and can be used as reference by any UX designer to help navigate the new terrain of designing ML-driven products. As ML starts to power more and more products and experiences, let’s step up to our responsibility to stay human-centered, find the unique value for people, and make every experience great.



Speaker Info:

I am currently working as an Ecosystem Engagement Manager at Beahead Private Limited. I am an Intel Software Innovator and Organizer for Google Cloud Developer Community, New Delhi.

I have been involved in delivering trainings on topics like: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Scratch and App Inventor at various national as well as international platforms. I also execute Google Design Sprints – a Design Thinking and Agile Development Methodology focused workshop series to improve the UX of applications by focusing on Unified User Experience.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I am a volunteer at Headstart Network Foundation, India's largest grass-roots level organization that supports entrepreneurship and start-ups where we help support and mentor various early stage start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. I am also an Oracle Certified Java Professional, Google AdWords Certified Professional and recipient of Google India Challenge Scholarship 2018.

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