Testing with pytest and continuous integration with Jenkins

Aditi Bhatnagar (~aditi95)




The talk aims to provide an understanding of popular tools at disposal for writing efficient tests using pytest. This intermediate to advanced talk will do a walk through of all components involved in writing production-ready test cases using fixtures, auto-fixtures, factories, faker, mocker etc in a django application. Once the tests look good, they will be integrated with Jenkins (Blue Ocean) where a coverage report of tests will be displayed. Continuous Integration of code on VCS (GitHub) with Jenkins will provide test-runs on every code push to remote repository.

This will arm the audience with a robust test suite which is ready to be deployed.


Familiarity with python web-framework (any).

Content URLs:

WIP https://github.com/ad6190/django-movie-booking-app

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I am Aditi Bhatnagar, a senior software developer at a start-up in Bangalore. I have industry experience of 6 years and find myself constantly in need of writing well-tested code. Robust integration tests have often protected me from accidental errors seeping in production.

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