Testing micro-services made easy

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Most of us use micro-services for all the goodness that they bring in. But there are some pain points too, to be addressed while using multiple micro-services. One of the them is testing.

With all the micro-services as moving parts, how does one ensure that the whole app is coherent and well tested ? Is it enough if all the unit tests pass in each micro-service code base ? What else do we need to be confident in order to ship the code like a boss ?

Outline of the talk

  • Challenges in testing micro-services
  • Consumer driven contract (CDC) tests - what are they, how they work ?
  • How Pact works and what are the available tools in Python ?
  • How are CDC tests simpler than integration tests ?
  • Best practices in maintaining the pact file
  • Demo: how to write CDC tests with Pact for a simple micro service


Awareness of micro-service environments or APIs would be helpful.

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Speaker Info:

Devi is an independent software consultant and trainer with an experience of more than 12 years in the industry. She has been working with PowerToFly as a lead developer/architect. She has given a couple of talks at PyCon India, RootConf before, which were well received.

She has done M.Tech in Computational Science from IISc, before which she tried out teaching mathematics. She spends her free time enjoying with her 2 daughters and painting with water colors.

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