Sympy : Symbolic Computation with Python

Nikunj Parmar (~nikunjparmar828)




If you are working in the field of research than you might be wondering about symbolic solutions which must be needed while working in such arduous fields like Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science or Quantum Mechanics. Sympy is the solution for that. Sympy deals with the computation of mathematical objects symbolically. This means that the mathematical objects are represented exactly, not approximately, and mathematical expressions with unevaluated variables are left in symbolic form. This talk will cover Introduction and Uses of Sympy Library.


Basics of Python is good. Don't know Python? It's still okay. You will definitely find something new.

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I will share the slides after my talk as a Github repository.

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Nikunj Parmar is a Sophomore year student at Nirma University. His major field is Flexible Robotics. He has been working with Python for last 2 Years as a Researcher. As a Junior Undergraduate student, He has worked on many projects focused on Robotics, Machine Learning, and Core OS Programming. His interests lie in the fields of Robotics, Design and Control Engineering, Computational Engineering, and its applications in a broad range of circumstances.

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