SuperPyBot: Your Personal Assistant

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Here, We will talk about how you can make a bot to help you automate your life and make your very personal Assistant, and maybe you will end up making something better than Google Assistant or Siri. We will be using modules to perform a task, so you can keep making them as you go and your assistance will keep becoming more powerful and yes all this will be done in python.

In this talk:
- We will start with setting up project creating simple python GUI.
- Making some modules to perform a simple task.
    ~ Composing email with speach
    ~ Some other cool modules
- Explaining what else we can achieve with this.
    ~ Let's make, its personality using tensorflow for talking stuff
- Showing my work and explaining how it works Here, Is in early development phase

Then we will end with some questions and how they can continue with this project.


Basic Understanding of Python.

Content URLs:

Shall be updated soon.

Speaker Info:

He is a student, a self-taught programmer loves to dig deep and know more about the computers. Fell in love with python and now loves to Automated things with python. He is GSoC aspirant. He is an active volunteer at PyDelhi and ALiAS.
When he is not automating things he loves to contribute to open-source and closing issues.

Speaker Links:

Website: Github: @omi10859

Section: Developer tools and Automation
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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