Static typing with Python. What? Why? and Why not to.

Harshil Rastogi (~harshil9968)





One of the feature people love about Python is how it’s dynamically typed. A lot of people are very reluctant on hearing this idea of static typing, they will come back bashing on what's the use of Python then when we introduce static typing in it.

With the torch bearers of Python in the industry like Google, Quora, Instagram, and a lot of others retaining their stack on Python and introducing static checking there have to be some non-superficial benefits, which are worth discussing.

This is Python

class Employee(NamedTuple):
    name: str
    id: int = 3

def fib(n: int) -> Iterator[int]:
    a, b = 0, 1
    while a < n:
        yield a
        a, b = b, a+b

Contents of the talk

  • What's static typing
  • Need of static typing
  • Static typing in Python 3.6
  • Type checkers
  • Demo
  • mypy vs pytype
  • Pros and Cons
  • QnA and discussion


Basic Python knowledge and a little overview of what is dynamic and statically typed languages.

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Harshil Rastogi is working as a backend software engineer @Innovaccer, previously he has worked as an NLP Scientist @Evalueserve.

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