Serverless Application Development using AWS and Python

Ritu Mehra (~ritu86)




Everyone will agree to the fact that - Serverless is the "In Thing" now a days . Be it AWS , GCP or Azure everyone is talking about it. AWS provides a series of services which can be used to create a full fledged application. Out of all "Lambda functions" is the backbone of Serverless Computing on AWS Cloud Computing. It is the “Functions As a Service” (FaaS) offering and currently it is positioned against Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions.

Note: In this workshop all the implementation will be done using PYTHON

Session Takeaways:

How to use different features of AWS to create your Serverless Application.

  • What is Serverless Computing and how "Functions as a Service" is a revolutionary way to develop applications.
  • Understand AWS Lambda Functions, the FaaS offering on Amazon Web Services.
  • Understanding of the AWS services - Lambda, S3, EC2, CloudWatch, API Gateway, RDS, IAM
  • How to access the AWS services using Python libraries in the Lambda Function.
  • Hands On Cloud Native Web Applications Development using AWS Lambda and other offering.
  • Practical examples of how you can combine multiple services and events in AWS and develop applications rapidly using AWS Lambda Functions



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Speaker Info:

  • Ritu Chawla Mehra is a working professional with over 10 years of development experience on C++ and Python.
  • She has application development experience in multiple domains - Mobile , ServerSide and Web Application.
  • Currently working as a Technical Lead in Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd..
  • She is passionate about exploring new technologies and spreading awareness about the same. Her current focus is on AWS and Python :)
  • She was also a speaker at SciPy 2017 held at IIT Powai Mumbai.

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