Sarcasm Detection in Natural Language Processing





Sarcasm is an intensive, indirect and complex construct that is often intended to express contempt or ridicule. But in speech, it is multi-modal, involving tone, body language, and gestures along with linguistic artifacts used in speech. Sarcasm in the text, on the other hand, is more restrictive when it comes to such non-linguistic modalities. This makes recognizing textual sarcasm more challenging for both humans and machines.

Sarcasm detection plays an indispensable role in applications like online review summarizers, dialog systems, recommendation systems and sentiment analyzer. This makes automatic detection of it an important problem. However, it has been quite difficult to solve such a problem with traditional NLP tools and techniques.

So we will talk about the ongoing research and techniques developed to counter these problems. I have been trying to solve this problem for a while now so let's discuss it and hope that we solve it in the near future. Some of this techniques include tracking physiological gestures like eye tracking, extraction of psychological triggers or building a sarcasm dataset with the help of context features.


The only thing I require from the audience is their attention and interest in this fun but a very serious problem in the world of data science.

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