REST API functional testing with Python

Akshay Maldhure (~akshay61)




This talk is for Python enthusiasts who are interested in building test automation framework and test suites for REST API functional testing. It would throw a light on how to write useful, business-oriented and maintainable functional API test suites in Python on top of existing test frameworks like lemoncheesecake.


  1. About myself
  2. REST API and it's testing - A quick introduction
  3. Choosing a test framework to write your tests on
  4. Making API requests from Python
  5. Writing suite configuration and teardown code
  6. Introduction to the "component-tests" model for structuring the test code
  7. JSON parsing, use of matchers, asserts for writing test case validation criteria
  8. Importance of logging and reporting - How logs and readable reports can ease the job of debugging bugs found using tests
  9. Bringing everything together


  1. Python basics
  2. REST API basics
  3. Basics of test frameworks like pytest
  4. Passion for test automation

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I'm currently working as a SDET Lead with AgroStar, India's largest agri-tech platform for the Indian farmer. I'm passionate about technology and automation, I'm willing to contribute in building robust software test frameworks accompanied with some of the best industry practices like CI/CD that would help ensuring the best possible software quality from time-to-time. The “always exploring and learning” attitude is something that keeps me going.

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