Quick and easy implementation of Smile Detector on your Webcam using python and openCV from Scratch without any Neural Network and for beginners .

Kaustabh Ganguly (~KaustabhGanguly)




In this era of deep learning and machine learning , the beginners may get lost sometimes , as there is a steep learning curve involved with the process . When I was starting out on machine learning , I always wanted to get my hands dirty in the advanced stuffs but It was hard for me and there was no guidance . So , in this talk and coding session I will guide you through how you can build your own facial recognition system and implement a smile detection very quickly and easily with the power of openCV and python . It will take 10 mins and any beginner with basic knowledge of python can grasp the concepts easily . I will not use convNet or anything ,but a model called HaarCascades . It's an old mathematical model which was/is mainly used where deep learning is not an option . I will guide you through the basics and tell you some quick things and facts and we will enjoy a lot .

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Basic Python knowledge

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The code is in this repo : https://github.com/KaustabhGanguly/Smile-Detector


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I'm a 3rd year Engineering student at Kalyani Government Engineering College , West Bengal , India . I'm a data science enthusiast and I interned at a machine learning startup called param.ai from June till August , 2018 . I'm obsessed with AI and my hobby is to study new cutting edge deep learning algorithms and research papers .

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