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Talk is about how python is useful in web development, what are the most powerful and popular python frameworks used i.e., Django, Pyramid, Flask and how they are used in making web applications.

My talk covers :

  • What a web framework means
  • Why to choose python frameworks over the normal other frameworks
  • Explanation on Django, Pyramid, Flask.
  • Which framework should be chosen based on dependencies.
  • Starting Web development with python.

Django, Pyramid, Flask will be explained in short with the help of small code snippets. Examples of organizations using these frameworks will be given. Uses of one framework over the other will be told in detail.


No prerequisite is required. Desire to learn is enough to attend this talk.

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About Me

I am Jameer, a third year Computer Science and Engineering undergrad at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala, India. I love to code in Python. So, I started my open source career by contributing to Coala organisation. Due to my open source enthusiasm, I started learning how python is useful in Web development and using Django, Flask etc., I am also an OSFY author and published an article related to how Hadoop is being used in Big Data Analysis. I am also a ACM-ICPC Regional participant at Amritapuri. I also have a keen interest in Chatbots.

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