Python Scripting for Graphic Designers

Tanya Jain (~Tanya-Jain)




While majority of the time is spent in differentiating the programmer and designer, this talk aims to use python to mix the two to produce art. Don’t understand read more:

Disclaimer! You won’t be taught:

  • What is art or programming.
  • Writing Python syntax
  • How to start loving python
  • How to live life
  • How to make money
  • How to design

You will learn about:

  • How to use python to evolve as a designer
  • Eventually, how to appreciate art and art in nature
  • A different perspective towards art
  • Ease your work as a designer and hence be more productive
  • Make visually compelling art with python
  • Generate complex art that would be exhausting to produce with GUI based softwares
  • How to go beyond just making basic geometry shapes in your Computer Graphics class at University
  • Typographic scripting i.e. Python scripting for font design
  • Scripting with python to edit images
  • Python to design layouts

This talk is not just about the technology used.

Hence, you might start loving python eventually or at least love for it might increase. Mine increased 10-folds, but you aren’t expected for the same.

Still, don’t understand? Come to the talk!


  1. Must know python’s basic syntax
  2. Have desire to be creative but technical with code
  3. Interested in exploring the thin line between chaos and order

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Speaker Info:

Tanya Jain has been designing and making art for about 10 years now, and plans to start a design studio of her own with the name of Magvaari. She has previously designed for various conferences including PyDelhiConf. She has publically spoken at tech communities like PyDelhi, LinuxChix India. Tanya is currently in 3rd year of her BTech degree at Amity University, Noida and is an active member at the ALiAS tech club.

While out in public places, she has a constant thought on how can a place be evolved with design. And hence it also reflects her love for travel! She has a keen interest in learning computer related technologies. Other than designing, Tanya is interested in Data Science and Machine Learning. Yet whatever she learns, she somehow finds the way to join various topics and that is how this talk proposal emerged.

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