Python Microservices

Kasam Sharif (~kasamsharif)





This talk is for Python web developers interested in learning what are the core ideas behind microservices, what problems they try to solve, and what are the viable options to implement them in Python, both from technical and teamwork point of views. Some of the topics that will be discussed include the role of APIs, the improvements microservices bring to application scalability, upgrades, and maintenance, and the challenges in breaking up a monolithic application.

Contents of the talk

  1. About me - Basic introduction of myself.
  2. What are Microservices?
  3. Monolithic Python Web Application.
  4. Problems with Monoliths.
  5. Microservice Example.
  6. Advantages of Microservices.
  7. Disadvantages of Microservices.
  8. How to refactor a monolithic application into microservices?


Basic Python

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Will share my slides after my talk as a Github repository.

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My name is Kasam Sharif (Passionate Programmer | Startup Enthusiast | Problem Solver). I am currently Software Engineer at Agrostar, Pune. Previously was working at Symantec having 3 year of experience in IT industry. In free time love to learn new things.

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