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Python is a versatile, powerful, and general purpose language, its easy and clear syntax makes it very popular for the beginner as well as the advanced programmer. Malware is one of the top threats to today's digital society. Due to heavy financial loss along with other infrastructure losses, the software industry is investing hue money for malware research and at the same time due to the wide need of effective and efficient anti-malware solution, the anti-virus industry is emphasizing on malware research. This talk will focus on the array of python resources (script, modules, library, frameworks etc.) available for various dimensions of malware research. During the talk, I will share my experience with various tasks or problems related to malware research and how with the use of Python, those were solved. This talk will try to draw a parallel connection with various tasks related to malware research and suitable Python resources available for achieving those tasks. The talk will be supplemented with the brief explanation of concepts and python snippets for the same. Some of the modules and topics that I will touch upon are:

  1. yara

  2. Accessing VirusTotal API with Python

  3. Cuckoo-sandbox

  4. Androguard

  5. pefile

  6. pyew

  7. file type filtration

  8. ClamAV and pyClamd



Basic Knowledge of Python Syntax and Programming in general.

Content URLs:

All the contents (code, slides and other supporting resources) will available after the workshop but I will keep updating the resources here in due time. Github

Speaker Info:

Dr. Ajit Kumar has completed his Ph.D. from Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry University in 2018. His Ph.D. thesis titled "A Framework for Malware Detection with Static Features using Machine Learning Algorithms" focused on Malware detection using machine learning. He is working with Python since 2012 for his research work and other development work. He is also interested in web development, Information security, and Data science. Python is his language of choice for all the programming related tasks. He has been motivating and training students to adopt Python as his programming language. He loves to write and share the article about Python and its applications.

He has received his Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) from IGNOU in the year 2009 and Master of Computer Science in the year 2011, from Pondicherry University. With his formal education, he has received Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical and Research Methods from Pondicherry University in 2015 and Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security from IGNOU in 2016.

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