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Aniq Ur Rahman (~Aniq55)




I'll be sharing how Python has been of help in my transformation from a hobby developer to a researcher. Coding and in particular, simulations are used extensively in the field of research to verify results and sometimes serve as experiments when it is physically not feasible. I'll describe step by step, how to design a real-time simulator using the example of an aerial swarm of drones in a survivor rescue scenario with the help of common Python libraries.


  • Will begin by talking about my journey into the world of research and how big a role, Python has played in it
  • Talk about the basic flow of research
  • Establish the superiority of coding the research solution from scratch over using prepackaged software
  • Explain why Python is a language of choice for researchers
  • Now I'll begin the second section of the talk, which is Real-time Simulations and how to code them
  • Talk about the important libraries in brief
  • Describe the Problem statement the solution of which will be demonstrated step by step
  • Focus on running parallel threads to achieve real-time simulation instead of a time-step simulation
  • Finally, focus on the visual representation of results
  • Conclude the session


  • Basic understanding of Python classes and objects
  • Enthusiasm to learn something new
  • Love for Python

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Aniq Ur Rahman,

  • Final year undergraduate student from NIT Durgapur.
  • Summer '18 Research Intern at CERN
  • GSoC '17 Intern at RoboComp
  • Summer '17 Research Intern at SWAN Labs, IIT Kharagpur

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