Power of Data and Working with it using Python

Rahul Arulkumaran (~rahulkumaran)




Everyday we listen to this word "DATA". But after listening to that word, some questions might pop up in your mind.




Data is now one of the most important things for any business to run. From small startups to large companies, everyone looks at data to improve their business. Everyone looks at data to increase their profits. Everyone looks at data to understand why they failed and where they failed. Everyone looks at data to understand how a product gained success in the market. Basically Data is everything today for companies.

Data is available everywhere now and it's become more important than ever to actually work with data and luckily we have great modules to work with data in Python. I'll be focusing on these modules and the power that data possesses.

My primary focus here would be about the power of data. I surely will be talking about how to use this data in Python to make the most out of it, but before that I'd like the entire crowd to know what the power of data is.

This would be a good talk for beginners honestly. Even if you have no idea about how data could be used or what is data, after this talk, you'll get a decent idea about it. Through this talk the 3 questions mentioned above in bold will be answered.

The talk would progress in the following manner :

  • Self introduction (3 minutes)
  • Introduction about the topic (2 minutes)
  • What is data? (3 minutes)
  • Where is this data? (2 minutes)
  • How to make the most out of data? (3 minutes)
  • How Python helps in this process? (2 mins)
  • Name and explain about different Python modules like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and Seaborn in brief (10 mins)


No prerequisites required. This talk will deal about everything from scratch and will give you a basic understanding of what modules could be used in Python. So you could research on those modules after the talk, but for the talk, no prerequisites required.

Content URLs:

  • Will have own slides. Link will be shared with all
  • This GitHub Repo contains some of the content that will be delivered during the course of the talk.
  • A lot of other websites from where I pick a point or 2

Speaker Info:

Hey everyone, I'm Rahul Arulkumaran, a B.Tech 3rd year Student pursuing my major in Computer Science Engineering from Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad.

I'm an open source and data science enthusiast. Coding is one thing I love doing all day and all night. Never feel like quitting. Python is my go to language. Anything I think of developing comes to life using Python. I have a very strong connection with Python as it was the first programming language I learnt. I'm also a full stack developer and perform data science on various datasets.

I'm a Contributing and Managing Member in the PSF. I also am the President of the Computer Science Club in my college. Apart from that, I head the website development team for TEDxMahindraÉcoleCentrale and the Marketing and Promotions team for Aether (the techno cultural fest of MEC).

I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of a startup which goes by the name FreeFlo. It is a product based company that looks at developing products related to Machine Learning, Blockchain and other related fields.

I'm also currently interning in IIIT-Hyderabad in the Machine Translations and NLP Lab in the field of sentiment analysis.

It might seem although I'm not interested in the non tech aspects of businesses, but I actually love working in teams related to business development and marketing.

So that's mostly about it. Looking forward to interact with all of you out there !

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