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Websites and blogs have become a common trend amongst professionals to display not just their resumes but also their daily work items. Static blog generators have gained popularity over the last few years . People who have been using Wordpress, Blogspot or Blogger are now shifting to Pelican , Jekyll etc. One major annoyance was that Wordpress had a huge attack surface. Everytime someone found out a Wordpress exploit, your site was at risk.

When comparing Blogger vs Pelican, the Slant community recommends Pelican for most people. In the question “What are the best solutions for a personal blog?” Pelican is ranked 10th while Blogger is ranked 14th. Python is becoming more and more popular amongst programmers and so is Pelican . Pelican is a static blog generator and supports several formats like Markdown , ASCII etc . It turns Markdown and some Jinja templates into the Full Stack Python site. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and even a non programmer can get started with Pelican in just a few lines of code and plain text .

Over the past few years people have shifted from Wordpress to Pelican .This is because a static site has basically no attack surface, and can be hosted on free or inexpensive hosts like Github Pages . This talk is focused on introducing a simple static site generator to beginners and even avid bloggers who aren't coders . This talk will cover:-

  1. Basic installation of Pelican
  2. Writing a blog post with Pelican
  3. Changing themes of a blog/site
  4. Comparison between Jekyll and Pelican

The main aim of this talk is to familiarize people with the concept of edifice . I have met a lot of non coders who have asked me about creating a basic website for personal use . This talk is also targeted to all those you are interested in blogging and everyone out there has something to say and something to blog !


Absolutely nothing !

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Anumeha Agrawal is a Pythonista and an open source enthusiast . She is in her third year of undergraduate program in Information Technology at NITK Surathkal . She is also a Google Summer of Code 2018 student at Systers . In her project at Systers , she has used python to write scripts to retrieve data from GitHub API and use it in her MEAN stack project . She uses python scripts to simplify most of her work like API data collection and web scraping .

Python was the first language she was introduced to when she began programming and it is her weapon of choice . Owing to the simplicity of python syntax, she also used python to code her algorithms for her talks and workshops at college . Apart from being a full stack developer ,she is also a Data science enthusiast and employs python for designing most of her Deep Learning models and algorithms .

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