OpenvSwitch Database based on JSON-RPC

Numan Siddique (~numan)




OpenvSwitch is an OpenFlow virtual switch implementation. It has its own database implementation based on JSON-RPC ( to store its internal state and data. This session gives an overview of this database implementation and how it used in OVN, an SDN controller from the OpenvSwitch community and in OpenStack networking. This session will look into how it is different from other traditional SQL databases and the python clients available to interact with the OVSDB server and the APIs it provides to carryout the CRUD operations with the OVSDB server.


A basic understanding of databases.

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I am Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat, Bangalore. I contribute primarily to OVN (part of OpenvSwitch) and OpenStack Neutron. Before contributing to OVN, I have contributed to OpenContrail SDN solution.

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