Named Entity Recognition in Python

T. A. Subramanya Paddillaya (~t._a._subramanya)




Named Entity Recognition is the task of extracting named entities like Person, Place etc from the text. It is an important step in extracting information from unstructured text data. I will explore various approaches for entity extraction using both existing libraries and also implementing state of the art approaches from scratch

Agenda for the Talk:

Introducing Named Entity Recognition

Standard Named Entity using NLTK and Spacy

Training Custom Entity Tagger using Spacy or Rasa

Standard Algorithms for NER

  • Conditional Random Field (CRF)
  • Deep Learning for NER using LSTM in Keras
  • Structured Deep Learning for NER using LSTM-CRF
  • End-to-End NER via Bi-directional LSTM-CNN-CRF


A Basic Knowledge of Python, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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The content of the talk will be shared after the session in form of Github Repository.

Speaker Info:

Subramanya T A is Senior Data Scientist at Sentienz. He heads the Data Science team at Sentienz.

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Section: Data science
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Better done as a workshop.

Anand B Pillai (~pythonhacker)

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