Metaclasses and decorators: a match made in space

ishan srivastava (~ishan38)




While introducing people to Python metaclasses I realized that sometimes the big problem of the most powerful Python features is that programmers do not perceive how they may simplify their usual tasks. Therefore, features like metaclasses are considered a fancy but rather unuseful addition to a standard OOP language, instead of a real game changer.

This talk wants to show how to use metaclasses and decorators to create a powerful class that can be inherited and customized by easily adding decorated methods.


An experience working with and developing python programs and a general understanding of the python syntax.

Speaker Info:

I am just an average guy who got into programming and fell in love with it.

3rd year undergrad at IIT Dharwad and a Google Summer of Code 2018 student with coala

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Section: Core python and Standard library
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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