Managing flood risk in this modern age - An Introduction to Geospatial Analytics with Python





Catastrophic floods had a deep impact on the early human psyche resulting in a potpourri of great flood stories ingrained in the mythology of early human civilisations spread across the globe. Despite all the human progress floods can still cause massive property damages, economic losses and casualty. Several major cities and towns in India reported a series of devastating urban floods in recent times, and the resulting human and financial loss makes study of models that can identify the flood risk of an area extremely relevant.

This talk focuses on geo-spatial analytics and describes multiple techniques that can be used to assess the flood inundation risk of a geographical area. The techniques use freely available data captured by different satellites. The talk will demonstrate how we can use python libraries and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) to analyse a terrain with respect to it's elevation. The talk also also focus on how to build a first order flood fill model to identify flood inundation risks of a geographical area due to overflow of water from a nearby water body, and due to heavy rains.

Some key take-aways from this talk are

  1. An introduction to various types of Remote Sensing data with extensive focus on Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  2. Various types of public data sources available for Geospatial Analytics
  3. Working with translator library for raster and vector geospatial data like GDAL
  4. How to use other geospatial libraries like PyDEM for topographic analysis
  5. Descriptive Analytics using Python packages like numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, seaborn, matplotlib etc.


  • Basic / Intermediate knowledge of Python
  • Interest in Geospatial Analytics using Python or curiosity in application of analytics for catastrophic risk management

Speaker Info:

Arijit Saha

Arijit Saha is a data professional with over sixteen years of industry work experience in architecting, designing & developing large-scale data products, platforms & solutions for both big & medium size enterprises. Currently he is busy engineering Enterprise AI data platform & products for some of the most well-known global enterprises. He is an alumnus of the Business Analytics and Intelligence course from IIM Bangalore. His interests include Big Data Analytics, Geospatial Analytics and application of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises.


Atul Singh

Atul Singh is a data science enthusiast with over sixteen years of software industry work experience in product development, research, and innovation. He has a PhD in Computer Science. He has nine granted US patents, eleven pending US patent applications, and over fifteen research publications in various international forums. He is also an alumnus of the Business Analytics and Intelligence course from IIM Bangalore. His interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Geospatial Analytics, and Reinforcement Learning.


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