Managing and Automating Azure with Python

Wriju Ghosh (~wriju)




Python SDK for Azure is natively available. We would explore how this SDK can be used for automation and management of Azure. Python makes it easier for IT Pros and Developers to build a rock solid DevOps pipeline with simple script.


Basic understanding of Azure or any cloud Basic Python knowledge

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Wriju works for Microsoft as Cloud Solution Architect. He is with Microsoft for more than 13 years and total of 17 years of industry experience. He is one of the first to play with Azure in its very early stage back in 2008. His day to day job is to help a big Oil and Gas Enterprise to adopt cloud as the strategic platform. His key area of focus is to help customer migrate their line of business applications to Microsoft Azure. Application modernization is another aspect. This involves designing and implementing Serverless workflow and Microservices. He helps Architects to design and implement the solutions which are cloud scale.

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