Making UAVs autonomous and the Internet of Drones

Harsh Bandhey (~harsh31)




They might not be delivering our mail (or Pizzas) yet, but drones are now intelligent, simple, and reliable enough that they cannot be considered as just toys but as formidable business tools.

This talk will briefly go into the inner workings of UAV systems and will demonstrate how python tools can be used to make fully autonomous drones for various purposes.

The contents of this talk include:

We will go extensively into the abilities of DroneKit-Python and into the future of the Internet of Drones using real-life examples such as pest control (ScAIRcrow), commercial mapping (Drone Deploy) and delivery (Flirtey) etc.

The talk will end with a small drone taking a picture of all of us, autonomously ofcourse, demonstrating the discussed topics and the formidable ability of autonomous drones.


  • Python Programming, the concept of APIs and libraries
  • Computer Vision basics
  • The IoT concept
  • An eager mind

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Speaker Info:

Harsh has been tinkering with technology since he was 9, he received the presidential gold award for National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement by Shree Pranav Mukherjee in 2012. A CS undergrad at IIIT Delhi, he is also the Director of the establishment BlueRaptorTech, which is venturing into the field of big data based algorithmic day trading.

A CV Specialist for Aurora, the aerial robotics team of IIIT Delhi, and an AI/ML HackerSpace Intern for Flytbase, a US-based Internet of Drones specialized platform, he has worked extensively and is passionate about drones and has attended many AUV events. His expertise in UAVs lies in making intelligent solutions by the intersection of Computer Vision and Precision Robotics.

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