Make your own Visual Novel in Ren'Py

Sourav Singh (~sourav)




Ren'Py is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use frameworks, written in Python, for the development of Visual Novels and smaller Role-playing games. The talk will explore the details about creating your own development environment for development of visual novels, writing a script and developing GUI, porting your game to Android and iOS and how you can get help for issues in development process.

The talk will also explore some of the games which have been developed in Ren'Py like Katawa Shoujo, Doki Doki Literature Club, Imre's Curse: The Prologue etc.

The talk will be an interactive one and have a very light and humorous note.


No prerequisites required. An open mind and familiarity with Python is all what is needed to attend the talk.

Content URLs:

Presentation for the talk is in the form of a game, which has been used to give a talk during the Python Pune meetup, held on 18th August 2018. For those interested to check out the presentation, it can be downloaded here for Windows and for Linux platforms here.

Make sure to download for your platform only. Otherwise it would not work.

There are a few changes that need to be made for PyCon India, like enhancing GUI to make it more pleasing and editing content for the presentation, so the presentation linked above is to be considered as a draft. I am open to hearing the suggestions on how to improve the presentation!

Speaker Info:

I am currently involved with Lernr Project, a startup based in Ahmedabad and have been working with Python for 3+ years, certified as a Software Carpentry Instructor and one of the organizers of Django Girls Bangalore. Contributor to Biopython, Galaxy Project, bioconda and conda-forge communities.

My interests are in the field of Bioinformatics, High-Performance Computing and am working under Prof. V.K. Jayaraman in the field of Proteomics.

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