Maintaining scalability of Django powered web App by using containers and Kubernetes

Jaipreet Singh (~Jaipreet95)




If things work out as you’ve envisioned, there will be a time in your webapp’s lifecycle when it’s serving a large number of users. By the time things get to this point, it’s ideal if you’ve architected your webapp to both scale gracefully to meet this load, and also be resilient to arbitrary failures of underlying compute resources.

This talk is about how you can use Docker containers and Kubernetes to help your Django webapp achieve these architectural goals. While it meanders a bit through theory and philosophy, it does work up to a concrete example to help solidify concepts.


  • Basics of Linux
  • Familiarity with Docker and docker files
  • Kubernetes(optional)

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Hello I am Jaipreet Singh. I am a Sofware developer with 1 year of professional experience and +3 years of freelancing experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in computer science and I am currently working as a Software developer in Falkonry Pvt. Ltd., where I work on exciting new domain of Operational Machine Learning. I am very passionate about creating cutting edge products from scratch and for DevOps.

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