Lamlight: Develop web/mobile apps without learning Django, Flask and any other web framework

Rohit Negi (~rohit17)




Everyone need not to know everything to build something great.

  1. If you are a student and wants to build a major/minor or a professional level project without worrying about the DevOps/Servers and its cost.
  2. If you are a Data Scientist and works with files/data and want to make your analytical tool public but you don't want to get in Server handling and learning some web framework.
  3. If you are a Frontend developer or work in a fast paced organisation where shipping out fast, better, robust and always running services are required. If you want to prepare a POC or a working model API fast without the requirement of server engineer.

Then, this Talk is the place which your are looking for. This talk will be focused on How one can build really scalable and robust web APIs without learning any web framework that too in a very very easy manner. We will be talking about a python package I have made called Lamlight which makes the process of building web APIs as simple as a Git push. This package provides a CLI tool and answers the limitations imposed by the services like AWS lambdas.

Lamlight enables Developer to:

  1. Make web APIs without learning any web framework or DevOps.
  2. Just focus on the core business logic because everything else it will provide you. (Eg: full python boilerplate, CLI automation tool )
  3. Live code Changes.
  4. Put large dependencies on your Serverless web api like Numpy, Scipy, Pandas.
  5. Save 80% of time by making the process as simple as Git push.

Objective of the Talk:

  1. Problems faced in a Servered Architecture.
  2. Introduction to Serverless Web APIs.
  3. Why Shift to Serverless Web Architecture.
  4. Platforms providing these Services and their limitations.
  5. Get Faster and beat these Limitations.
  6. Problems solved by Lamlight.
  7. Explanation of its working.
  8. Live demo.
  9. Q & A

The talk would be extremely beneficial for students, Algorithm developer, Frontend Developer, Data scientists and others who are not familiar with server side development and server technologies or want to save time of server handling but still want their work to be done.


  1. Love for Python
  2. Linux
  3. AWS(Optional)

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Hello I am Rohit Negi. I am a developer with 1 year of professional experience and +2 years of freelancing experience. I have a Bachelor's degree and I am currently working as a developer in Elucidata Corporation, where I work on making technical architectures for the system to get connected and work robustly , designing Server APIs, Working with Frontend technologies like Angular to make the robust Frontend apps. I am very passionate about creating new and better stuff.

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