Keeping your Dotfiles in check with Python

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Almost all developers spend countless hours on configuring, tweaking and micro-managing their dotfiles with an obsession to exactly have them like one wants them to be. I do too. And everyone has different tastes, which I find fascinating: sit down at a crafty programmer’s shell for a minute and you’ll find that out pretty quick.

Dotfiles are just configuration files like .vimrc and .gitconfig on your OS, that stores the settings you have for applications/environments/tools to make life easier while giving you more portability.

Well, do you have to use bash scripts for initial setups of your dotfiles? or do you want to setup your dotfiles but don't want to learn or be limited by Bash? Do you forget to update/maintain your dotfiles periodically? Do you struggle with the installation of applications later on? Well, Python could be the answer to all of your problems. With a tool, one can easily manage, maintain and do a lot more with their dotfiles.

  • My talk would start with a basic intro of what exactly are Dotfiles? and what is the common way of setting them up? This helps beginners who are new to the topic, get interested and a quick recap of why dotfiles are important for all developers.

  • Building up the momentum by visual queues and comparisons through slides, I would show how exactly Python does the same using Homely as Bash does. Later, work through the more intricate details by talking about the features one can implement using Homely and Python highlighting limitations of bash. Like Automation, Logging, git control, debugging, installation of applications and so much more.

  • Summing up by demonstrating a number of scripts that I will be preparing in-advance to showcase the same features that we just talked about. This helps people grasp the talk, the topic, and "the why we are doing, what we are doing " part.

  • Ending the talk, with a round of questions and showing the setup I use after months of searching through dotfiles repositories to leave them open to all the options they can choose from for setting up their dotfiles and pick the best setup from the knowledge they just gained.

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A laptop computer running any flavor of Linux, Windows or MacOS. It would help if python 3 is already installed. Coming without a laptop is also fine. The presentation would be comprehensive enough to understand. The topic is fairly simple if you understand it.

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I am a student, code in Python and Bash, a Linux and FOSS enthusiast, likes DevOps, Design, Data Science and web comics. Currently, part of Google Summer of Code 2018 under Sugar Labs, mentoring the GirlScript Summer of Code project, WTF Python. I am an active volunteer for PyDelhi since 2016 and manage an open-source community in my college, ALiAS. I friviously collect C&H comic strips in free time. I believe everyone should have a hobby and that is mine. I have speak at Local User Meetup groups in Delhi NCR and this would be my first time speaking for PyCon India.

When I am free, I devote my time towards closing issues on GitHub and scooping through my Twitter feed. I like to share my thoughts and meet new people. Been writing for a year now, for many organizations such as OpenEBS and TheGeekyWay. Also, I have my own blog, Mixster. Check it out.

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Professional Profile available @ LinkedIn, Contribute to FOSS projects @ GitHub, Blog @ Mixster

I go by vipulgupta2048 all over the web. Feel free to connect/talk with me.

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