Introduction to Quantum Computing with the QISKit SDK

Ajmal Siddiqui (~ajmalsiddiqui)




This talk intends to provide a fairly gentle introduction to the fundamental ideas behind quantum computing and the concepts of quantum physics that allow quantum computing to surpass the limits of classical computing. We then proceed to a quick demo of using the QISKit Python SDK provided by the IBM Q team to run experiments on a simulated (or real) quantum computer.


This talk touches upon a topic that doesn't have any hard and fast prerequisites (apart from Python syntax, of course), but basic knowledge of the following topics will make things easier to grasp during the talk and later down the line:

  • Some idea of what quantum physics is
  • The concept of a quantum superposition of states
  • Familiarity with linear algebra (not really for the talk, but will help later down the line)

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I'm a full-stack JS developer, Python enthusiast and Rust lover who revels in learning new technologies. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and the company of witty people.

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