Introduction to Asyncio

Vishnu Kiran (~vishnu25)




Your introduction to concurrent programming in python. This talk is dedicated to a developer to enable him/her get started in asynchronous programming.

The contents that will be covered in the discussion are as follows.

  • What is asyncio? Why should we bother? - 3 minutes
  • Multi Threading vs Multiprocessing vs asyncio understanding the differences. - 3 minutes
  • All about what an event loop is with examples - 5 minutes
  • Futures - 3 minutes
  • Tasks and coroutines - 4 minutes
  • Streams - 2 minutes
  • Multiple Coroutines. - 2 minutes
  • Scheduling Calls - 2 minutes
  • Synchronization primitives - 2 minutes
  • Queues - 2 minutes
  • Conclusion.

The talk provides preliminary insight and a simple explanation to programmers who wish to explore asyncio and/or concurrent programming.



  • Basic understanding of python syntax.
  • Some OS concepts like differences b/w multiprocessing and multithreading.
  • Understanding UNIX (not mandatory).

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I am a Software Engineer/Data scientist at NextOrbit, Technical Architect at Code Matrix. I am a startup guy who loves the idea of building teams and working with them from the ground up. I have been part of and lead teams that have built medium and large scale software. I am glued to the computer a lot, although that must be obvious. But when I am not peeled to a laptop I play badminton, chess, teach students software and find creative reasons to skip a session in the gym on a daily basis.

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Have not had a lot of bandwidth for open source contribution. Something I hope to change soon.

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