Integrating Python with NodeJS

Aniket Chowdhury (~aniket43)




  • With the rise of MEAN(MongoDB Express AngularJS NodeJS) stack
    framework with Python for secure server-side scripting.
  • A simple introduction to using Python Capabilities for Server Management.
  • Using NumPy and SciPy libraries in Javascript.


Core Python. Javascript.

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Aniket Chowdhury

While I have been programming for more than a decade, my chosen language for the lesser half of the decade has been C++, with a wandering interest in Java, MySql, PHP and Ruby. The last few years were spent in cultivating the language we now all know as Python. The enamoured feasibility of the language over C++ and the ease of understanding over PERL. While being a bit slower due to being it's interpreted nature, better speed benchmarks are being discover by it's PyPy implementation.

My field of interest is Deep Neural Networks. Machine Learning may perhaps helps us to cure even cancer using gene sequencing.

Apart from that I am an avid reader. I read book from all genres and time. My hobbies include football, music, art, drama and of course, programming.

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