Integrating JS libraries into PyQt

Samarth Hattangady (~samhattangady)




Qt is a popular GUI framework used across industries for many different purposes. PyQt is the python wrapper around Qt, and thus it has access to all of the same features. Interestingly, Qt implements the code of Chromium Web Engine, which gives you all the power of a browser, and thus the functionality of any JavaScript library.

For the purpose of this talk, we will discuss how to integrate LeafletJS ( a JS library for maps ) into PyQt, thus allowing apps written in native python to have beautiful interactive maps. Then we will go into further details of how to add these maps into simple apps. Finally, we will talk about how to integrate other JavaScript libraries into Python, and all the benefits this can bring.


  • A familiarity with Front End Development concepts
  • Beginner level JavaScript
  • Experience with any GUI framework

Speaker Info:

I am a developer at a Banagalore based start-up called Skylark Drones. As one of the few developers in the team, I get to don many hats across domains. I create POC web applications, work on internal tools dealing with GIS, automate processes involving large volumes of data flow and write code that runs on the drone itself. And that's just a typical week.

I have been working in Python for over 2 years, and love it. The Zen of Python is essentially my life philosophy and I enjoy the simplicity and expressiveness that the language grants.

My interests include: Biryani, Ultimate Frisbee and Hating on JavaScript.

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