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IBM came up with PowerAI Vision to grab its share - out of available AI Vision 1.2$ billion market opportunity. PowerAI Vision Minimum Viable Product (Vision 1.1.0) was GA'ed on May 25th, which can run on standalone Linux and Ubuntu OS, on Nimbix cloud and can also run on IBM Cloud Private. This was an important achievement for IBM as it is expected to accelerate IBM latest Power processor P9 revenue. IBM PowerAI Vision is a video and image analysis platform that is built for IBM Power Systems servers, which includes tools and interfaces for anyone with limited skills in deep learning technologies. One can use PowerAI Vision to easily label images and videos that can be used to train and validate a model and perform image / video inferencing.

The first regular PowerAI Vision release was MVP. Vision MVP is composed of different Docker images maintained and managed by Kubernetes.

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Durgarao Simhadri, Sourav Biswas, Madhuri Katragadda - All are working for IBM PowerAI Vision Project in IBM Hyderabad

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