I would have known, this software design techniques before..

Shekhar Prasad Rajak (~Shekharrajak)




Having less time to design software and solving the design problems correctly, to create robust, modular and highly maintainable code is current challenge. Might be, you are aware of some of the design patterns but it will never solve your problems until you have deep understanding on the problem and right place to use design pattern. If you think, you need to design a very unique architecture, then may be you are missing powerful available design pattern that can provide you generic solution template.

Let's learn ( and become expert), to speed up development process; guessing issues that can come up later development stages and selecting the right design pattern in the right stage of the software development in Python.


Coders and programmers who want to learn about software design and architecture.

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Speaker will focus on when and how to use design patterns, rather than what are the design patterns available.

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A guy who loves challenging stuffs and learning new technologies along with the 'Time'. Shekhar has learnt C, C++, Java in his college time and worked as student developer in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016 (under SymPy organisation - Python language) and 2017 (under SciRuby organisation - Ruby language), also contributed to open source projects like bundler gem. Shekhar is mentoring 3 Projects in GSoC'18. Currently he is working in Benguluru India as Software developer (Full Stack Developer). Shekhar loves playing chess, cricket , watching and reading about ancient India, spirituality and travelling. Shekhar has given workshop in PyCon India 2017 Delhi and lightening talk in RubyConf India 2018 Bengalore .

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