Hyperloop : How Python helps Building fifth mode of Transportation?

Suyash Singh (~suyash_singh)




Content of My talk will have :

  1. Hyperloop : An Introduction
  2. How Python plays an Important role?
  3. Python Applications in the Project:

Project Management, Scripting the repeating processes, Python - ML in CFD, Raspberry Pi in Communications.


An intermediate level knowledge of Python Knowledge of a Python and basic Maths

Content URLs:

I will post presentation and Relevant codes soon on github.

For reference please find the code here : http://magneplane.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html

Speaker Info:

Suyash Singh is post graduate Student of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Chennai. He is Head of Team Avishkar Hyperloop

More Details about Avishkar Hyperloop : http://avishkarhyperloop.com/

He carries 4 years of work experience in Big Data and Data Science. Later his interest in fifth mode of transportation took him to IIT Madras. He has been pure pythonist. He has been a adviser to two small scale startups based out of Indore which deals with data science.

He has a vision of transforming Transportation making it more efficient. He thinks Python will be an important tool to make it possible.

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