How we built Heroku-like PaaS over AWS with just Python

Senthil Velu Sundaram (~senthil13)




We wanted an easier way of creating and deploying microservices implemented in different tech stacks. We wanted it as simple as PaaS platforms like Heroku. On the other hand, we did not want to miss the high level of customizability with IaaS like AWS.

So, we blended the benefits of these two. i.e. utmost convenience with high-level of customizability.

Instead of taking the route of Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc. , we built a CLI tool in Python that enables our developers to create & deploy service with a single command. We call this cloudlift :). It's been more than a year since we started using it and it's been fantastic.

You will learn about our journey of building and using cloudlift.


  • Python
  • Basics of AWS ecosystem

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Converting human aspirations into reality via software has been my fascination and my job. Have been a programmer for more than a decade and leading teams for a while now. Worked at ThoughtWorks for 8 years. Currently, I lead the engineering team at Simpl.

Have lead projects that are diverse in terms of tech stack and scale. Worked for enterprises and startups. Interested in talking about on design, technologies, the philosophical angle of tech etc. Believe software building is a unique combination of science, art, and collaboration.

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