How to talk to your computer - A 101 on Natural Language Processing with Python

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Natural language processing(NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with automated interpretation and generation of human language. From keyword search to Virtual Assistants, from spell checkers to language translators and from sentiment analysers to Chat bots, NLP finds its applications in most of our day to day applications. This workshop aims at delivering a basic Hands on tutorial to get started with NLP in Python. It commences with an introduction to NLP, discussion on various applications and a linguistic breakdown of Language (English).

By the end of this workshop you will be able to :

  • Install relevant packages such as nltk, gensim and pattern.
  • Applying text processing techniques such as Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization and Chunking.
  • Forming a Document Term Matrix using Bag of Words Model.
  • Building a simple Spam/Ham classifier using Bag of Words Model.
  • Generating Word Vectors using Gensim Word2Vec module.
  • Building a Sentiment Analyzer.

This workshop provides preliminary insight and a simple explanation to enthusiasts who wish to explore the field of Natural Language Processing. It enables you to talk to your computer!!


  • Basic knowledge of Python.
  • Any knowledge of Python modules such as Numpy, Pandas etc. is and add on.

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A basic version of Presentation is uploaded, the final version along with code will be uploaded soon.

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Note : The workshop will periodically switch between presentation and python notebook. Hence the information will be distributed between presentation and workbook.

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Hello, I am Osheen Nayak, working as a Software Engineer at Texas Instruments Bangalore. I belong to Delhi Technological University batch of 2017. I am a Machine learning and Data Science enthusiast and I have been actively driving various Machine Learning activities. I have delivered few talks on Machine Learning in the past one of them including "A primer on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence" in the IEEE forum to and audience of 50 people.

I am an avid football fan and also an amateur player.Also, I like to play video games, cricket and chess.

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